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Trick of the Light

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Trick of the Light
  • The Bookbinder
  • The Devil's Half-Acre
  • The Road That Wasn't There
  • Tröll
Trick of the Light is an award-winning theatre company from Wellington, New Zealand, founded by Hannah Smith and Ralph McCubbin Howell. We like to make theatre that is playful, inventive, thought-provoking, and that speaks to the here and now. Our previous shows have ranged from intelligent cross-over works for adults and older children to biting political satire, but are unified by their attention to narrative, integrated visual design, and belief that theatre should resonate with the wider world.


Trick of the Light Theatre have been making and touring original work together under this moniker since 2011. The company has built a reputation and following in Aoteroa as makers of a diverse range of works of various tones, forms, and scales – from the political satire of The Engine Room, to the large scale Faustian tale of The Devil’s Half-Acre. Internationally we have built a reputation and following as tourers of small-scale, high quality work for cross-over audiences of adults and older children, through our shows The Road That Wasn’t There, BEARDS! BEARDS! BEARDS! and especially The Bookbinder, which has toured extensively throughout Australia and the UK, and premiered in the USA and South Africa.

Whilst our shows vary in style and content, they are united by a strong narrative and detailed production design, often integrating handcrafted elements, puppetry, shadowplay and live music. There is frequently an element of magical realism in our shows, and the cross-over works which we’ve toured internationally have been marketed as uncanny tales in the vein of Neil Gaiman, Pan’s Labyrinth and the works of Margaret Mahy.

The company is prolific, usually making a new show each year, and touring several productions in repertory through the course of the year. Our making process often involves honing a work in front of an audience, so that a show will continue to evolve throughout its touring life.

For more information visit www.trickofthelight.co.nz

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