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Atamira Dance Company

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Atamira Dance Company

ATAMIRA Dance Company

Atamira Kanikani Kamapere

Kanikani me Mana   “To dance with Mana”

For Māori people ‘mana’ stands for a pervasive magical power that exudes charisma authority and integrity.

 Atamira’s vision is: 
To dance with mana, taking stories of Maori brilliance to the world with unforgettable Māori Contemporary Dance”.

 Atamira is an urban-based pan-tribal Company. Dancers, choreographers and contributors individually have connections to different iwi and hapu from across New Zealand and/or are engaged in Kaupapa Maori.

Atamira acknowledges the individual connections each member has to their own whakapapa and their present day experience as Māori while also honouring their other cultures present within them.  

The practice of Kaupapa Māori ( cultural ideologies) underlies and imbues our creative and company processes. Wānanga/study, karakia/prayers and visits to papa kainga/homelands and sites of significance to Te Ao Maori, gives strength to the work we make.

We equally fully embrace our urban-ness and living as ‘modern Māori’ in New Zealand’s largest most culturally diverse city, Auckland.

 He waka eke noa - A canoe which we are all in with no exception

 Atamira recognises the company’s direct connection to Whakapapa Māori and Kaupapa Māori. We honour these existing ideologies and celebrate where and who we are in this world.

From a Māori world-view, kaupapa gives us the reason and scope for what we do, and why we do it.

Atamira is the platform or stage on which we perform, it gives us expression of our ancestral and contemporary experiences embodied by our dancing bodies.

The people in Atamira are linked together by our passion for contemporary dance and Māori expression. We continue to discover what it means to collectively be, a Māori Contemporary Dance Company, an individual, a New Zealander and ultimately what it means to be human.


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