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Penny Ashton

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Penny Ashton
  • Captain Pinkbeard's Pirate Toddler Boogie
  • Olive Copperbottom: A Dickensian Tale of Love, Gin and the Pox.
  • Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton

Penny Ashton is a solo performer and producer who has performed over 600 solo shows from Stewart Island to Edinburgh and many points in between. She has been on four Arts on Tour tours, been to countless NZ Arts Festivals by invitation, the Adelaide and Brisbane Cabaret Festivals, the Jane Austen festival in Bath, the Canterbury Festival UK and all of the world's major fringe festivals.

She has been a fulltime arts practitioner for nearly 20 years and is a performance poet, having produced poetry slams at WOMAD and the Auckland and Christchurch Writers Festivals, a professional improviser, an actress and a voice over artist, a social commentator, a comedienne and a wedding celebrant.

In 2017 Penny is debuting her solo show Promise and Promiscuity off West End at the Greenwich Theatre in London after two years at 90% in Edinburgh. 2017 also sees the birth of her new solo show Olive Copperbottom.


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