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Music Live

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Music Live
  • WAIORA - Horomona Horo & Joshua Rogers

Music Live is a New Zealand based arts project management company focusing on the development and export of classical and indigenous music and musicians.  Current projects include: the international management of New Zealand's premier piano trio, the New Zealand Chamber Soloiststhe development and management of Legends of Rotorua, a chamber music project fusing story-telling, Western instruments and taonga puoro (the traditional instruments of the Maori); the management of Taonga Puoro composer and practitioner Horomona Horo and his group, WAIORA; and a small agency service for international classical musicians requiring representation in New Zealand and Australia.  Music Live also oversees the development and implementation of the international distribution of ATOLL RECORDS and Entrist Publishing.  Other artists with whom we have a strong connection include Slovak cellist Jozef Luptak and revivalist projects, After Phurikane and Chassidic Songs and New Zealand conductor and composer, Kenneth Young

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