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Massive Company

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Massive Company
  • The Brave
  • The Wholehearted

Massive Company is New Zealand’s leading professional theatre company in creating and presenting theatre by emerging and professional New Zealand practitioners. For 25 years of Massive Company has created work which is rich in storytelling, physical and authentic. 

A Massive Company show will enrich, enliven and entertain using stories combined with raw visceral movement and deep powerful articulation of the personal to explore universals - New Zealand Listener.

Founded and led by Artistic Director, Sam Scott MNZM, Massive Company creates original contemporary work that reflects the multi-cultural identity and voice of New Zealand and the wider South Pacific. The company is responsible for delivering some of New Zealand’s most popular home grown theatre, The Sons of Charlie Paora (2002), 100 Cousins, (2005), Up Close Out Loud (2006), Whero’s New Net (2009), Havoc in the Garden (2011) and The Brave (2012-2015), My Bed My Universe (2014), The Wholehearted (2016), The Island (2016) with a history of national and international touring.

Massive Company strives to engage their audiences with thought-provoking work that lives with them well beyond the theatre. With boundless energy and playfulness the ensemble’s work evokes the human spirit in its most present and vulnerable state.

Extensive forums, workshops and feedback sessions play an integral part in all of the company’s work.

Check out some of our videos here: 


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