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Clayton Sinclair

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Clayton Sinclair

Clayton Sinclair productions

Content that inspires, educates and entertains.

Clayton Sinclair -Dip Arts, Dip AV,- is a director, writer, actor, singer, composer, voice and performance and mindfulness  coach. As early as 12 he began writing comedy pars from ‘a woman’s point of view’ about men for the highly successful New Idea magazine. He had to use his mothers name though to get past the editor. He thirsted for more, so he enrolled at the prestigious William Bates Academy of Performing Arts where he trained in the art of acting, singing, dance, music, film and television, finally graduating with a Dip Arts and Dip AV

 He joined The Tait Theatre Company, where he not only starred in many of their shows but was soon appointed to the board.   

Clayton Sinclair then set up a television production company where he wrote produced and directed hundreds of television commercials, documentaries, jingles and video clips?

 As a composer, singer/songwriter also, he made his way to New York in the late 80’s and began recording singles under the Casong label along side international stars Tiny Tim and Charles Ward. He was a finalist in the Pan Pacific Song Writing Awards in the pop and comedy categories.

 With the assistance of Lachlan Murdoch and television identity John Michael-Howson he was introduced to many industry heavyweights in Hollywood.

 This lead to work with A list producers, directors, and writers including Academy Award nominee producer Martin Brown, Moulin Rouge and Rowan Woods director of Little Fish.  

 He inspired the idea for Bob Roget and associate produced the motion picture Justice Starring Markus Graham for Westcoast Pictures, also working with celebrity jazz musician, Alan Zavod on the music score

and has just written and composed a new musical.



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