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No information held on the National Touring Selector will be made available to any third party other than Country Arts SA and the registered hosts of each specific market using this database. The National Touring Selector information will be used solely for the purpose of communication between registered users and fulfilling the objectives of performing arts touring services and strategies. 


Where is my contact information used?

  1. Details will be listed in linked NTS Presenter/Producer profiles where you have been selected as the main contact. Including: Name, Position Description, Phone, Address and Email.
  2. When attending an Arts Market facilitated by NTS, your bio and headshot will be used in the delegates list.
  3. Your email will be used to send you e-newsletters. You can unsubscribe from these by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the e-newsletter.
  4. The NTS administrator will also forward messages including but not exclusive to, when subscriptions are due or when linked profiles require updating.


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