The Process for Presenters

Getting Started

Once you are a registered User and logged in, you should create a Presenter profile. This gives an overview of your organisation and describes your program, your location as well as contact details of your key staff. This should include your company logo, few photos or maybe an introductory video to draw other Users attention to it. (See the Managing Digital Materials page for help with uploading photos.)
Once you have a Presenter profile, create a Venue Profile for each of your venues (if you have more than one). Again, these provide an overview and include the essentials such as exact address, capacity, stage size, current photos inside and outside and a description of some of your technical equipment and facilities. You can also provide a link to the relevant area of your own website here, if you wish.

What You Can See

As a registered and subscribed Presenter on the site, you will be able to view all profiles of Artists & Producer organisations and full details of Production Profiles. You will also be able see the details of your fellow Presenters and their venues and access all of your organisations history of interest shown in productions from past markets. You can also start creating and managing Favourites lists for particular programs or curatorial ideas.

HINT: The CTRL button is your friend, depress it before clicking on new links which will open up a new tab, so you can switch back to your original screen quickly.


As well as Production Profiles being available to view all year around, National Touring Selector sets up and hosts several Markets throughout the year. These markets (previously known as Rounds) are aligned with particular touring programs funding deadlines, the most well-known being Australia Council for the Arts Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund (aka Playing Australia).
However, some markets may also be aimed at state touring or touring of particular artforms or genres. Producers have the option to submit their productions into any market for consideration at varied cost to them, allowing presenters to express interest online. If sufficient interest is received, the production may then go into tour development, with or without the help of a tour coordinator. The Producer/ tour coordinator may or may not apply for funding to support the tour.

Outside Market Cycles

There is usually a year-round Buy Now market that runs so you can search for productions at any time of the year to fill a gap in your program immediately. Or you may find a production the general pool in the site and wish to contact the producer directly or approach a tour coordinator they may be working with. 

State-based touring

Several regional arts organisations and venue associations host state-based touring programs. For information on these please refer to our Resources and Contacts page and contact your state showcase directly.


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