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Empire Theatre

Kerry Saul
General Manager
07 4698 9900
56 Neil Street

Located in Toowoomba, Queensland, the Empire Theatre is the largest regional theatre in Australia and is both an architechtural showpiece and a vibrant home to the performing arts. With main stage seating for over 1500 and smaller venues available for more intimate performances, the Empire Theatre is a state-of-the-art facility with plays, concerts and ballets making up part of a broad programme of entertainment.


The Empire Theatre's annual program contains a wide range of performances including an Empire Theatre produced major musical theatre production, opera, drama, comedy, dance and adventurous works. A range of audiences are catered for, from young children to senior citizens. We emphasise work which  we believe will engage a younger audience

Local Information

Situated 90 minutes drive west of Brisbane, The 'Garden City' of Toowoomba is one of Queensland's most breathtaking provincial cities. With a population of more than 121 000 it is the second largest inland city in Australia. More than 1800 hectares of open space comprising parks, gardens and sporting fields help to give Toowoomba its far reaching reputation for beautiful gardens and its long and proud heritage is reflected in its historical buildings, including the Empire Theatre.

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