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Hobsons Bay City Council

Jessie Deane
Venues Coordinator
03 9932 4041
104 Ferguson St
Williamstown, VIC 3016

Hobsons Bay city Council operates 3 major venues and a performing arts season "Arts at your Doorstep". The performing arts season is still quite young and consequently still developing audience profiles. Over the past three years the program has steadily increased in popularity.


Arts at your doorstep is an annual season of national and local works across 3 venues. The program aims to reach a varied demographic and appeal across all ages and cultures specific to the municipality. The market for the venues department is broad and diverse, reflective of the range and diversity of the venue usage. This includes but is not limited to residents, supporters and partners, theatre makers, theatre goers, tourists, schools.

Local Information

Williamstown and Altona have gtreat historical significance. Altona is a growing area.

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