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The future of the National Touring Selector

May 20, 2020


I hope this note finds you well particularly in these unsettling times.

Country Arts SA currently owns and operates the National Touring Selector platform. Country Arts SA has come to the decision that from June 30 it will no longer manage the platform. As a regional organisation, it is not financially sustainable for Country Arts SA to run the NTS, but we know how imperative it is for artists to have a digital profile in these times and are therefore in discussions with other parties about passing over the digital arts baton.

The NTS is a custom-built digital platform, made by people who are deeply embedded in the Australian performing arts industry with the purpose of fostering links between producers and presenters to maximise the reach of artistic work.  Now more than ever, digital is the best way to have your profile seen in the Arts industry. Country Arts SA is working to support the continuity of this platform and will keep you up-to-date with plans for moving forward.

In the meantime, it is most definitely business as usual. 

Help the future

We are in discussions with other parties about passing over management of the platform. If you haven't already particpated in our survey please help support the future by giving your ideas and feedback.


Sarah Knight - NTS Manager
info@touringselector.com | 0427 800 157

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