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The importance of the NTS for programmers.

Mar 20, 2019

The importance of the NTS for programmers.
We recently spoke to NTS Presenter, Susannah Sweeney, Creative Producer of DreamBIG Children's Festival and a Programming Executive at the Adelaide Festival Centre on the importance of the NTS to her as a programmer. 



What other NTS presenter members say about how the NTS helps with their programming.

"Access to a large number of productions. Access to detailed information"

"Expands my programming sources, and is handy for looking for short-lead tour-ready shows."

"Offers a diversity of acts. Provides good product information so you can make informed choices."

"Researching productions before expressing interest, and being able to go back to the listing for my information when developing marketing campaign"

"Even though I have often spoken directly with the producer, NTS is also a very good resource for my planning."

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