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The Presenters Pitch

Nov 11, 2019

The Presenters Pitch


As an industry we talk about collaboration, exchange and building relationships. Relationships are built from a point of common ground, but how do we find this common ground when producers do the majority of the “pitching”.

I was fortunate to sit down and pick the brain of Richard Jordan an eminent UK producer who has brought many works to our shores. When talking about touring he emphasised the importance of placement of a show, “what is its cultural relevance to the community”.

There has been a definite shift in Arts Markets adding pitches from presenters to the schedule. Outside these forums where can artists and producers get background info, so they are better informed when considering an approach about touring work or potential collaborations? There are some great resources available to start Artists and Producers along the right path. National Touring Selector holds the profiles of 615 Presenter Organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Within the NTS Presenters section there is a map and a searchable data base of Presenting Organisations, their venues and programming values. Producers should also check out other useful resources like the Australia Council Electorate Profiles  and ArTour's Queensland Regions section.

Touring is an awesome experience, a fantastic way for our stories to be shared. However, the process of creating a tour is "difficult and layered" and we want producers and artists to be equipped as "we want the work in the space". Check out these words from Katherine Connor during the PAX info webinar (see 21:00 mins into the video)
Arts Markets are not the only path to touring. And even the word touring doesn't best describe all the different types of mobilising of our work that we do. One certain path to getting work out there is to ‘get in the room’. Be that room an arts markets, a foyer, online... Having a 2-way conversation with presenters/programmers. Finding out about what they do, their communities, triumphs and challenges. About how you approach your practice and the type of work that inspires you. Finding that common ground.



As programmers and cultural leaders you hold a key to knowledge about your community. The NTS vision seeks to make the platform the most comprehensive store of information about venues, producers, presenting organisation and touring productions for Australia and New Zealand. A truly useful tool for the Arts Industry. But we cannot do this without you. Help artists and producers by creating your digital pitch.

You could add this to your organisations National Touring Selector listing.  Adding presenting activity, programming policy and ethos will mean that more of the people who reach out to you are a better match.

Here are some ideas to help producers and artists get to know your organisation.

  1. Add your organisation's logo
  2. Update the main contact for programming for your organisation
  3. Add images of your venue
  4. A show-reel/trailer of shows you have presented.
  5. An introductory video for your organisation
  6. A video that tours your venue or highlights your town
  7. A brief description of what your annual program looks like. i.e. the sort of work your main subscription season usually contains, whether you have morning melodies, any festivals or specialised seasons.
  8. A brief description of your town or region and what makes it special. Your local tourism committee will have some helpful phrases for this.
  9. Add or update a Venue Profile.



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