National Touring Selector Autumn Round

Feb 07, 2019

NTS Autumn Round

NOW OPEN for Programmers and Presenters to express interest.

For current National Touring Selector members click here to view the round.


It’s time once again for a National Touring Selector online round – NTS Autumn Round

The NTS Autumn Round gives artists and producers the opportunity to offer up tour ready shows or ideas for development to performing arts programmers. While programmers have the unique opportunity to register interest online for productions that they wish to assist &/or include in their future programs.

There are 3 stages to the Online Round:

Stage 1: is for producers to create or update Productions Listings on the National Touring Selector platform and then enter them in to the Autumn Round.

Stage 2:  is for programmers to research and register interest in productions. Expressing Interest is not a contract. It is the programmers way of saying they’re interested in starting a conversation.

Stage 3:  is the time for producers and programmers to connect. Once interest has been expressed Producers can contact the programmer direct to start the conversation.

Who is the Autumn Round for?

  1. All genres of performing arts, music & travelling film festivals
  2. For tours within Australia.
  3. Artists or producers with work ready to “tour”... a coordinated national tour or one night stands/gigs here and there.
  4. Artists or producers with an idea or work in development that would like to gather interest from festivals, venues, programmers to advance to the next step.
  5. Programmers (presenters) who manage or program a venue or a festival looking for new work.


Who is considered a Programmer/Presenter?

  1. Organisations or individuals running a festival or music venue.
  2. An organisation, government/LGA managing a ‘bricks and mortar’ venue.
  3. A local community group that presents works at their local venue.


Who is considered a Producer?

  1. An artist producing coordinating their own tour
  2. An individual or organisation that creates and tours works.
  3. A tour Coordinator


What's the cost?

Entry is free to participate in the Autumn Round for NTS members with a current subscription.

Click here for more information on NTS pricing.


How to Enter

See our guide on how to enter for Producers here

For presenters/programmers to participate their organisation must have a current subscription. Contact to find out if your organisations memberships status. To join click here


Key Dates
Monday, March 11th | Round opens online for Production Entry.

Sunday April 7th | Production Entry closes.

Monday April 8th | Round opens for programmers to research and express interest.

Friday May 3rd | Round closes for programmers


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