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Do you have a show in the Spring Round? Read here how to check Presenter Interest

Sep 13, 2019

 How to check Presenter Interest

After you have entered your production into a market/round how do you know if presenters are interested in the work? Each round/market will have a specified period when presenters will express interest. During or after this period you can check in to see if presenters have expressed interest in your work. Details of these dates will be on the specific market/round page.

  1. Go to the to your member dashboard click MY MARKETS
  2. Go to PAST MARKETS on the RHS.
  3. Click on the market/round you have entered
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  5. Find a section that details the number of performances requested e.g. 1/1

By clicking on this number you can see exactly which presenters have expressed interest in your production. Click their presenter name to go to their profile page where you will find their contact details. "And then what?" Get in touch with those Presenters directly to continue the conversation. This could be via email or phone call.

What happens to my production when there are no rounds/markets

Out of market/rounds times presenters/programmers will be able to search your work in our Productions section. On your production page they can access your details and contact you directly about your production anytime.


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