An Introduction for Presenters

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National Touring Selector is a networking database tool for the performing arts touring industry, currently mainly in Australia and New Zealand. If you manage or program a venue or festival that presents performing arts productions and wish to participate in touring, you can register as a Presenter. National Touring Selector presenters can register an account that gives them access to the National Touring Selector website, set up a company profile to describe their presenting activity, programming policy and ethos and list as many venues as they manage or program for. 

There is an annual subscription fee of AUD$220+gst for Professional Australian Presenters. Once subscribed, Presenters can participate in any of the national and state-based markets which use the NTS platform to register your interest in touring productions and/or by participating in various touring markets or showcases both face-to-face and online only.

Community Presenters, (volunteer run, non-professional groups, Regional Arts Councils etc.) that either presents shows in their local community halls or inform tour coordinators of their preferred shortlisting decisions, can access and use the NTS database for FREE.

  1. Step 1 Register a presenter user account

    Once we receive your application, we will check it through and make sure the basic information is in order and that you have applied in the relevant category. Your account will then be activated and you will receive an email confirming this. This should take less than 2 days. Once your account is active, you can login and begin to build your profiles via the Members Area.

  2. Step 2  Create a presenter profile

    This profile gives an overview of your company and describes the type of work you present. Once you have set up your profile you can add as many other Users as you need who will be able to edit and manage your National Touring Selector content and who will also receive emailed news and other system information.

  3. Step 3   Create your Venue Profile(s)

    You can list any venue that you manage or program for and have it attached to your Presenter profile.  The National Touring Selector Venues list gives a brief description of key facts, size, technical facilities, and photos and places a marker in Google Maps. This information is very useful to Producers and Tour Coordinators during the tour development process, so be as thorough as you can and keep it up to date

  4. Step 4  Participate in markets

    Markets (Rounds) give producers the opportunity to offer up their latest works for touring and presenters an opportunity to invite to their community those productions that they wish to include in their programs. Most markets are open to all presenters and you can self-select into these via your Members Area. From time to time specialised 'invitation only' markets will be established. Should you wish to be included in any of these, please contact the relevant Market Host or National Touring Selector Administrator.

Once your Presenter Profile and Venue Profiles have been created, you will be able to search for productions, find out about Producers and see what other Presenters have to offer. You will also receive updates of touring industry events and have the option of entering Markets leading to state or national tours or one-off purchases of productions listed on the site.

The Members section of the site is your National Touring Selector Dashboard. Use Members to manage and update your profiles and to track your interest in shortlisting Productions and current Marketplace activities.

HINT: The CTRL button is your friend, depress it before clicking on new links so you can switch back to your original screen quickly.


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