Technical Rating System

The site uses a simple guide to a production's technical rating, working from A, as the most complex to D as the simplest.

This is a quick and easy system, but is a guide only. Note that it does not match up with the A to D rating system used by many venues.

The guide is not intended to be definitive, it is only a simple indication and presenters are still urged to check the full technical details within each listing to confirm the specifications match their venue.





Bump-in across 2 days or more

Bump-in longer than 1 day

Bump-in between 4 hours and 1 day.

Bump-in 4 hours or under

Large experienced crew in all areas and probable overtime

Experienced LX crew and mechanists - overtime may be required

Experienced small crew

1 or 2 technicians

Lighting rig - 120+ channels Digital desk

Less than 120 channels

Digital LX board. Moderate LX rig

Show can use existing lighting rig with minor adjustments

Complex sound such as radio mics, multiple speaker locations, not using house system

Some additional sound equipment hired in addition to in-house system

Can use in-house sound system with some extra items supplied by producer

Show can use existing sound system

Complex set - may involve water, special effects etc

Experienced mechanists required, large set pieces.

Simple set

Simple or no set

Requires full fly system

May require flying

No fly tower

No fly tower

Requires experienced show crew

Medium show crew, 2 - 4 staff.

1 or less venue crew to operate show

Touring staff operate show

Requires pre-rig

Requires pre-rig

Basic pre-rig

Stage size 10m x 12m or more

Stage size 10m x 12m or less

Stage size 10m x 8m or less

Stage size - flexible

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