How to List a Production

A Production Profile is a detailed description of a production you have available. It should give anyone looking to program your show a clear idea of costs, technical requirements and any marketing and other support you can offer.

Before you start! Most regional touring shows will require tour funding support. Please read the guidelines for the relevant state or federal funding agency before submitting your production for touring consideration. Does it fulfil the criteria? Some links are available on the National Touring Selector resource page.


The first step is to select which category your production fits into.

Production Categories

To facilitate clearer conversations between the producer and the presenter, we now have four category types to identify each production, either at a point in time or as they enter a market. As the project develops, simply change the category and more fields are opened up to complete as the information becomes available. The categories are:

  • The Idea – the work is in very early stages and may only be produced  if enough tour interest is gained, or support is offered
  • In Development – the work has had creative development(s) and  will be produced and premiered by the time the tour is ready to go out (must be able to take bookings)
  • Buy Now – off the shelf, buy anytime, in repertoire, no remount required (fees do not include travel or touring costs)
  • Tour Ready – production has completed a premiere season, now seeking presenters to build a tour and source tour funding

Each category will include different fields to be completed in the production profile, so this needs to be selected before you build your production profile. Over time your production may change categories – eg from In Development to Tour Ready, so once you update the category, the extra fields will appear in your profile for you to complete with extra information.

Quick tips:

  • Use the "update" button at the end of each tab frequently to save your data
  • If you leave a field blank, it will not appear in the published version (i.e. no blank space)
  • Use the tab key to get to the next field quickly
  • See a "presenter" or "public" view using the links at the top of the page
  • Be accurate with your production profile. Should a presenter choose to purchase or program your show they will expect you to adhere to these guidelines. Major changes to your production requirements can have significant impact on the budget for your show.
  • Don't fake it! If you have questions about your production, your profile or the process please speak to the NTS team . The production submissions should cover a genuine submission and the NTS reserve the right to remove a production from any given round if the profile is not complete.

A profile is divided into 11 sections or tabs:

General Information
This is a summary of key information that will form the front page of your production profile. This will be the only information seen by non-registered users and other producers. It features a short synopsis, a strong review quote and your "hero" image. See here for details of adding assets.

Performance Information
A more detailed synopsis of the production as well as YouTube/Vimeo links. It also outlines the production's availability, duration and past seasons.

Details of who was involved in the production's creation and who will go on tour.

Details of remount fees, weekly fees and royalties. Only the totals in these 3 areas will be seen by presenters. Remount is the cost of preparing a production for a tour. This may involve some re-rehearsal, re-design, preparation of new marketing materials etc. It will be the same for any length of tour.

Weekly fee is the total cost of having the production on tour for a week. It does not include any touring costs, such as vehicle hire, fuel, flights accommodation or living away allowances. It covers wages and fees of the touring party and any company overheads.

Royalties are percentages of net box office income paid to personnel involved in the creation of the work.

You can also list a per-performance rate, a box office split rate and your basic contract requirements.

Details of how a presenter can best market the production. Media reviews, marketing segments, sponsors and what marketing materials will be available. Samples of marketing materials can also be uploaded.

Technical Specifications
This is the most complex section of the profile. It is designed to cope with very large scale productions, so some fields will not be relevant to small scale work. Have a look over this section and judge for yourself how best to represent your work. Note that you can upload your own version of tech specs as a PDF, but it is advisable to also use the relevant online fields. See here for explanation of the A to D technical ratings.

List the crew you need the venue to supply here. It is divided into bump-in, performance and bump-out and you need to select the type of crew, the number you require of each and the number of hours.

Assets (images, video and other material)
See the guide about using assets here

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