Markets/Rounds give producers the opportunity to offer up their latest works for touring or ideas for development and presenters get an opportunity to register their interest online for productions that they wish to assist &/or include in their future programs.

The function of markets is used to consolidate presenter interest to develop national tours, either with the aim of applying for assistance from Australia Council’s Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund (Playing Australia) or constructing an unfunded, all-inclusive tour schedule. 

Stages of each Market

A market can be tailored to have up to three stages of selection. The overview page of the market should contain further information about what each selection stage is intended for. Previously, this has included

  1. Stage 1 - Presenters (or a curatorial panel) select productions they would like to invite to pitch in person at a market place, or Presenters show initial interest in those shows they are considering programming based on their online profile.
  2. Stage 2 -After seeing a pitch at the marketplace, Presenters respond to those productions they are now interested in programming.
  3. Stage 3 - With a shortlist in place, Presenters do their budgets and confirm those productions they are interested in programming.

Production Categories

To facilitate clearer conversations between the producer and the presenter, we now have four category types to identify each production, either at a point in time or as they enter a market. As the project develops, simply change the category and more fields are opened up to complete as the information becomes available. The categories are:

  • The Idea – the work is in very early stages and may only be produced  if enough tour interest is gained, or support is offered
  • In Development – the work has had creative development(s) and  will be produced and premiered by the time the tour is ready to go out (must be able to take bookings)
  • Buy Now – off the shelf, buy anytime, in repertoire, no remount required (fees do not include travel or touring costs)
  • Tour Ready – production has completed a premiere season, now seeking presenters to build a tour and source tour funding

The producer will select which of these four options best describes the stage their production is in and this will be displayed to presenters when viewing productions either in the site or at a market.

At the close of Stage 3, producers and tour coordinators begin the process of tour development. In many cases to do with shows of scale, this will involve applications to federal and/or state funding bodies for touring costs support.


Types of Markets/Rounds

A market may be open to all producers and presenters registered on the site. Some markets may only be open to selected (invited) presenters and/or producers from a certain country, state or there may be markets for specific art forms (such as dance or more experimental work).

Producers should note that while a production is in a market and being viewed and considered by presenters, the profile cannot be edited. This is to ensure that the details are consistent throughout the process.


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