Managing Digital Materials (assets)

All profile types can have associated images, videos and files. Adding an image is one of the more trickier tasks to do correctly, to ensure it’s displayed with maximum impact. Here's a step by step guide to adding images to your profiles:

    1. go to the Images tab
    2. click on 'upload images'
    3. click on 'browse' to find the appropriate file on your hard disk, making sure it is no more than about 500k, then click 'Upload File'
    4. close this window by clicking the red cross box in the top right hand corner. (When you click on the title of the assets folder, you should now see a list of the files contained in it.)
    5. If you have more than one image, select which is the "Hero" (the image displayed by default)

Keep your uploaded file sizes small, as large files will slow down the speed of your profile appearing.


Technical Specs for Images

Images should be saved as:

  • Colour: RGB
  • 72dpi and jpeg file type
  • at least 770px wide or 578px tall, and no more than 960px wide or 600px tall

Note - hero images will be resized automatically to 770 x 578px on the server. Images that are the wrong proportion (eg are portrait rather than landscape) will be cropped. Therefore, it is best to select an image that is landscape as your hero image.

Video Footage

Video clips hosted on YouTube and now  Vimeo can be added to Production Profiles.

Video clips hosted on YouTube and Vimeo can be embedded into Production Profiles. This is done via the Video tab. Simply enter the YouTube or Vimeo ID (only the last string of numbers!) of your clip into the ID field and select "Add Video". If a clip can be found, its thumbnail will be displayed below it.


Tools for the Technically Challenged


An online tool for manipulating your images and photographs.

(PC Users) Getting Started with Windows Movies Maker

Produce movies to add to your production profile and marketing pack on your PC.

(MAC Users) Find Out How to Use IMovie

Produce movies to add to your production profile and marketing pack on your Mac.

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