An Introduction for Friends

National Touring Selector is a networking tool for the performing arts touring industry. If you are an individual or company that engages in performing arts touring but do not run a venue or produce touring shows you can register as a Friend of National Touring Selector. National Touring Selector friends can register an account that give them access to the National Touring Selector database, view various profiles and listings, view some market (round) activity and adds them to the NTS email database.

  1. Step 1 - Register a user account
    Once we receive your application we will check it through and make sure the basic information is in order and that you have applied in the relevant category. Your account will then be activated and you will receive an email confirming this. This should take less than 2 days. Once your account is active, you can login and begin to build your profiles via the Members area.

  2. Step 2- access producer & presenter profiles and production & venue lists
    Your friend profile gives you limited access to the National Touring Selector lists and voting rounds. You won't be able to see everything a registered presenter, producer or tour coordinator can but you will have a great bird's eye view of trends and activity.

The Members section of the site is your National Touring Selector 'virtual office'. Use Members to manage and update your account and keep abreast of new National Touring Selector developments.

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