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Who is the National Touring Selector for?


The National Touring Selector or NTS offers an invaluable resource to find and scope Australian and New Zealand performing arts projects. Productions can be seen alongside all the information Presenters are looking for, from production photos and videos to budgets and technical information.

At NTS we're about helping creators and producers connect with presenters in all their forms: venues large and small, festivals, community presenters, arts councils.  We recognise that building relationships takes time and requires the flexibility to take place at any time throughout the year. We’re here to help seed those conversations.

If the site sounds like it will help you in your work, register here.

The site welcomes profiles for the following users:

    • Producer: A Producer is an individual or organisation that creates works that fits under the banner of 'Performing Arts'. Producers/Artists engage with the network to build relationships with Presenters in the hope of building sufficient interest to support commissioning or touring a project. Producers/Artists pay an annual subscription per project listing to upload their project details at any stage of its life-cycle, from ‘The Idea’ through to ‘Tour-Ready’. Producers can upload their company profile and their production details into the database.

      "Thanks for making tour development life easy!" Company Manager, Patch Theatre
    • Presenter: A Presenter is either a Festival &/or organisation that manages one or more ‘bricks and mortar’ venues and presents performing arts to their community. There is a wide range of presenting organisations, though the largest single group is made up of local government employed venue managers based in outer metropolitan or regional/remote locations. Presenters, Festivals & Buyers engage with the National Touring Selector process to access Productions that are looking to tour or be presented in the future.

      Presenters pay an annual subscription to access the database and services of the NTS. Other international Presenters are also welcome to subscribe, unless another arrangement has been made with an overseas market host.


What our 'presenter' members say about how the NTS helps with their programming:

"Access to a large number of productions. Access to detailed information"

"Expands my programming sources, and is handy for looking for short-lead tour-ready shows."

"Offers a diversity of acts. Provides good product information so you can make informed choices."

"Researching productions before expressing interest, and being able to go back to the listing for my information when developing marketing campaign"

"Even though I have often spoken directly with the producer, NTS is also a very good resource for my planning."

Tour Coordinator: A tour coordinator is an individual, group or organisation that develops, manages and delivers a performing arts tour on behalf of a Producer and associated Presenters. These are usually supplied on a ‘fee for service’ basis and Producers can ask for these organisations to provide assistance to that end. However, a Producer may choose to coordinate their own tours if they have those skills in-house.

Don't fit into one of the above categories? Contact us via info@touringselector.com to discuss which account type is best for your needs.

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