Who is the National Touring Selector for?

The National Touring Selector is a professional networking database for the performing arts industry for Producers/Artists of shows at any stage, from ‘the idea’ to ‘tour-ready’, to connect with Presenters around the world with particular emphasis on providing access to regional venues.

The National Touring Selector is a tool for streamlining the communications between Presenters and Producers, as well as the selection of productions that appear at various national and state-wide performing arts marketplaces that relate to touring. 

The site welcomes profiles for the following users:

  • Producer: A Producer is an individual or organisation that creates works that fits under the banner of 'Performing Arts'. Producers/Artists engage with the network to build relationships with Presenters in the hope of building sufficient interest to support commissioning or touring a project. Producers/Artists can upload their project details at any stage of its life-cycle, from ‘The Idea’ through to ‘Tour-Ready’. It is FREE for Producers to upload their company profile and all of their production(s) details into the database, however there is a cost to enter that project into a Market (Round).

  • Presenter: A Presenter is either a Festival &/or organisation that manages one or more ‘bricks and mortar’ venues and presents performing arts to their community. There is a wide range of presenting organisations, though the largest single group is made up of local government employed venue managers based in outer metropolitan or regional/remote locations. Presenters, Festivals & Buyers engage with the National Touring Selector process to access Productions that are looking to tour or be presented in the future.
    Australian Presenters must pay an annual subscription of AUD$220+gst to access the database and services of the NTS. Other international Presenters are also welcome to subscribe, unless another arrangement has been made with an overseas market host.

  • Community Presenter: A Community Presenter is a volunteer (or non-professional) individual or group that either presents shows to their community or informs tour coordinators of their preferred shortlisting decisions. It can be a Community Hall Committee or a Regional Arts Council, but as long as it is volunteer run it is FREE for these organisations to access the NTS.

  • Tour Coordinator: A tour coordinator is an individual, group or organisation that develops, manages and delivers a performing arts tour on behalf of a Producer and associated Presenters. These are usually supplied on a ‘fee for service’ basis and Producers can ask for these organisations to provide assistance to that end. However, a Producer may choose to coordinate their own tours if they have those skills in-house.

  • Friends: These individuals are usually service organisations and casual users such as appropriate government departments, peak bodies and organisations and individuals associated with but not directly engaged in performing arts touring.


Touring Productions in Australian Venues

As well as frequent updates about events and developments in the touring sector, the National Touring Selector site also hosts selection rounds for various national and state touring markets and mechanisms. During these markets (rounds), presenters are able to view a selection of current productions available for touring and express interest programming those productions via an online selection process. This interest is then used by Tour Coordinators and/or Producers to assist them in developing national tours, or commencing a conversation to make a solid plan for future presentations.


Touring Productions in Other Countries

Other countries like New Zealand, United States of America (and soon Canada, Scotland and Ireland) also use this system to create bespoke touring opportunities, touring networks, pilot programs and/or marketplace outcomes that assists more Productions being introduced to Presenters and vice versa.


If the site sounds like it will help you in your work, register here.

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