National Touring Selector - available when you are...all year round.

The National Touring Selector (NTS) offers an invaluable resource to find and scope Australian and New Zealand performing arts projects.Productions can be seen alongside all the information Presenters are looking for, from production photos and videos to budgets and technical information.

At NTS we're about helping creators and producers connect with presenters in all their forms: venues large and small, festivals, community presenters, arts councils. We recognise that building relationships takes time and requires the flexibility to take place at any time throughout the year. We’re here to help seed those conversations.

Allow your own website to continue the relationship with your audience whilst the NTS raises your profile with the arts industry.

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Production Entry: Jul 23 – Aug 10 

Presenter Interest: Aug 13 – 31

CALL OUT coming soon!

Join and share with the NTS on Facebook 06/07/2018

Share with us what's been going on, how is the tour going, pictures from on the road, behind the scenes, audiences and communities you have met....Join the NTS on Facebook ... Read More

National Touring Selector - Spring Round Producer Info 22/06/2018

Calling - Theatre, Film, Cabaret, Comedy, Live Art, Live Music... ... Showcase your tour-ready work to Australian programmers. ...   ... Read More

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